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Established in the year 2008 and its alumni have won acclaim and laurels at the national and international level either in the field of administration or science and technology. The school has the reputation at the best centre of learning in Patna has spread all over the world by the performance of its alumni.

The LOYOLA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION came into existence during regime of Principal Bro. Felix During his tenure LAA function was completely reorganized and attained great heights. The old boys of alumni association used to eagerly look forward to this meet whether it is HOLI MILAN, ANNUAL GENRAL MEETING with entertainment, followed by contributory dinner is meticulously arranged and punctuality for every event is religiously followed. Motto of this meet is provided a memorable opportunity to the alumni to know each other and share sweet memories. Several generations are meeting at one time at one place. Many of them are meeting only after their student days, four to five decades ago. It is a beautiful scene to watch talking enthusiastically about their student days, recollecting the memories of their teacher, classmates and sometimes even caricaturing their style and mannerism. The feeling of home coming, the desire to remain a student of LOYOLA SCHOOL forever is obvious on every face.

Now, all ex-students of Loyola school are kindly requested to submit the attached form, so that their names can be added in the database of the members of the LOYOLA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.