9 Bn NDRF, Patna
(MHA, Govt of India)
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It gives me immense pleasure to learn that Souvenir is being brought out by 'Loyola Alumni Association'. Alumni of any school constitute permanent & valuable resource.

Over the last more than 30 years, Loyola High School has groomed thousands of students who have achieved unparralled excellence in their personal & professional lives and have made their presence felt all over the country/world. It has passed through many phases of success as well as of hardship but has always come out with glory & dignity.

Loyola High school gave us ample scope to demonstrate our talents. In fact, this has helped me to decide what to do in my life and I am sure Loyola High School helped all the students, past and present, in the same manner. Loyola High School has a wonderful system wherein a student can walk up to the Principal, Vice-Principal and any member of the staff with any grievance and all grievances are compassionatly dealt with due care and promptness. Faculty members always strive to inculcate among students the importance of being humane n develop empathy.This does a lot to one's confidence.

I am heartily thankful to all my seniors, colleagues, juniors, staff members, alumni and all concerned who have initiated to publish the Souvenir. The endeavour and initiative put in by all is highly laudable and commendable.

With best wishes & warm regards.

Manish Ranjan
Second in Command

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Conservator of Forests
Uttar Pradesh
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It gives me immense pleasure to know that Loyola Alumni Association Patna is all set to publish a Souvenir. Loyola Alumni all over the world will get an opportunity to share their experiences. Feelings and ideas expressed through various literary forms will not only make an interesting reading but will also enrich young minds.

I convey my best wishes to everyone involved in the task.

Deepak Kumar, IFS
(Uttar Pradesh Cadre)
1983 Batch, Loyola High School

Vijay Kumar Photo


It gives me immense pleasure to note that Loyola Alumni association (LAA) is going to publish its first Souvenir this month. It will certainly go a long way in establishing a new relationship of the LAA with the school, the students and the city of Patna.

Indeed it's a matter of great pride that for last 45 years, Loyola has been doing a commendable work in moulding future generations by providing excellent education with a range of co-curricular activities to thousands of children. Loyalties have not only occupied several positions of importance but are also making positive contributions to the society in various ways all over the country and beyond.

Publication of this Souvenir has given us an occasion to remember and express our gratitude to all our teachers whose dedication, vision and wisdom has made us what we are today. How can any alumni of eighties ever forget the Sh. Naresh Mohan Jha who laid a deep foundation of Hindi, Sanskrit etc and deeper of discipline in us with his unparallel dedication and devotion? Questions like.....Pita ji kya karte hain ?... tum kya banoge ? etc were at times followed by aashirwad with both hands which used to leave a visible impression on one's cheeks and eternal impression on mind. Scouting under Bro. Joseph probably initiated my liking for olive/khaki uniform which I proudly wear today. Various activities like Science Club, Photography Club etc under Bro. Fredrick exposed us to different world, triggered our minds and we developed different hobbies. English classes of Ms Tulsi Bhatia, Bio classes of Ms Priti Sarkar etc were just incredible.

Loyola gave me my best friends who attended and bunked (not many, of course) classes with me, won accolades and punishments with me and are still with me through the highs and lows of life. The Alumni Association has further strengthened our bond and has provided a platform to do something more together for ourselves, for Loyola and for Patna. . It has already taken few initiatives and I thank them for the same.

I wish the our Loyola flourishes, the students scale new heights and the Loyola Alumni Association keeps its good work going in the line of our school motto"izfrfnu mUufr dh vksj".

(Vijay Kumar)